GSEDC - GSE Data Control

Smart system for the management and control of inspections for corrective, preventative and predictive maintenance of GSE (Ground Support Equipment) assets for Handling companies in Airports

Take full control
ROI up to *

*Return of investment based on unnecessary corrective maintenance actions, unwanted penalties, etc.

GSEDC 4 relies on AMAZON AWS (Web Services) for achieving very high level availability (99.99%) along with full server redundancy and load balancing and twice-a-day backups on Amazon S3.

included modules

  • GSE equipment inventory (per country, per station, families, departments, suppliers, makes, makers, owners, etc.)
  • GSE equipment availability (both real-time and historical).
  • Corrective maintenance inspections.
  • Preventative maintenance inspections.
  • Forecasting of next preventative maintenance inspections by means of warning and alerts based on Machine Learning AI.
  • Detailed costs of corrective and preventative maintenance, refueling and others.
  • Renewals of R cards, ITA and ITV (technical official periodical inspections).
  • Control of working and productive hours of each piece of equipment, as well as kilometers control.
  • Refueling.
  • Actions for accomplishing environmental and emission control regulations.
  • Telemetry (optional).


Multinational & Secure

Training and customizing


There are some main differences between our GSEDC SaaS solution and other ERP assests management software. The most important benefits you obtain with our GSEDC SaasS system are:

Very steep and quick learning curve

Very short deployment time

Very low initial investment

Possibility of made to measure
adaptations to client's needs

BRIEF history

From the very first version 5 years ago, we have added and improved modules based on our Handling clients’ feedback, as well as on the enormous improvements that technology gives us today.
Our important pillars are:
  • Constant investment in R&D
  • Listening to the real needs of clients and users of the Handling companies.

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